4 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Safe this July 4th

It’s Time for Fireworks, Fun and Family!

We celebrate American Independence Day on the Fourth of July every year. We think of July 4, 1776, as a day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation. But July 4, 1776 wasn’t the day that the Continental Congress decided to declare independence (they did that on July 2, 1776).

The Continental Congress approved the final wording of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. They’d been working on it for a couple of days after the draft was submitted on July 2nd and finally agreed on all of the edits and changes.

July 4, 1776, became the date that was included on the Declaration of Independence, and the handwritten …

We Love Straws, Don’t You?

4 Reasons Why We LOVE Straws


Summer is officially here, and summer calls for ice cold drinks! But how many of you drink with a straw?! Whether crazy or straight, long or short, colorful or plain – straws don’t suck. And outside of the 24 hours following tooth extraction, we don’t see any reason to skip the straws.


Sweet and sour make a good team for your takeout order, but not your teeth. When beverages high in sugar and/or acidity touch your teeth, bacteria is left behind to cook up cavities, enamel erosion and other dental issues. Even if you never drink soda, acids can hide in healthier alternatives like sparkling water and Kombucha. Straws act as a teeth …

Father’s Day Traditions Around the World

Happy Father’s Day! From teaching you to ride a bike to walking you down the aisle, fathers have a special place in all of our hearts, so be sure to show them how special they are today. Father’s Day is about showing gratitude to all of the special men whole play a role in our lives. And just like every one of those men are different every celebration is different.

Not all dads get to relax, read sweet Father’s Day cards, and open gifts of ties. In Mexico, dads participate in a 21km run through the capital city. And in Finland, dads sleep in and enjoy their favorite breakfast. If you’re looking for some international inspiration this Father’s Day, scroll down to take a tour around the world.


Good vs. Evil – The Battle Inside Your Mouth


Every day inside your mouth, there is an epic battle of good versus evil being waged over the ultimate prize: your teeth! And guess what… only YOU can protect them from the destructive forces that seek to harm them.

The Good Guys And The Bad Guys

Because tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body (it is made up of mostly minerals), we automatically think of it as a tough shield that nothing can get through. In reality, tooth enamel is porous!

When tooth enamel loses minerals, teeth are weakened and more susceptible to decay–we call this demineralization. If tooth enamel is demineralized enough, a cavity will form. But here’s the good news! The enamel can also be strengthened by receiving nutrients and minerals in a process we …

Oral Cancer: Get Screened. Know the Signs, Symptoms, and Risk Factors.


When people go to the dentist, it’s generally because they have a toothache, they need some dental work done, or they want to get their teeth cleaned. But we want to emphasize how important regular, twice-yearly dental exams are. Of course your dentist will make sure you don’t have any cavities, but what you may not realize is that regular dental exams could actually save your life.

What You Need To Know About Oral Cancer

Some people think oral cancer is rare, but here are the facts: approximately 132 individuals are diagnosed with oral cancer each day in the United States alone, and someone dies of oral cancer every hour. It is a particularly deadly cancer – only about half of oral cancer patients survive five years past their initial …

Memorial Day Events Across San Diego This Weekend

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, San Diego!


For many, Memorial Day signifies the beginning of Summer, but the history and meaning of this holiday has deep importance to Americans and communities across the country—especially military families. It is an official day to honor and pay respect to the men and women who have died in wars and while serving their country.

If you are looking for ways to teach your children the meaning of Memorial Day or looking for opportunities to observe the holiday, here are some suggestions.


Online Resources:

~ The History Channel has a short video that explains the meaning of Memorial Day and tells a story of the early observances of Memorial Day, customs when it was called Decoration Day, the Evolution of …