Summer Is Over! It’s Time To Go Back-To-School!


It’s Back-to-School time! This past Sunday was the official first day of Fall…a time when students all across the country brush off their backpacks, head back to the classroom, and get back to the task of learning. However, at McGann Facial Design, we are always pushing ourselves to learn more about becoming the best practice we can be, regardless of the time of year. Why? Our mission is to provide the best oral surgery care and experience to our current and future patients.

Beyond striving to improve our own practice, we like to share our learning experiences with others. As such, we are proud to be hosting an upcoming workshop on October 3rd entitled “Growing Your Practice….It’s Easier Than You Think” directed toward dentists, orthodontists, specialists, and their staff. Topics will include: • The 5 …

First, Do No Harm – A Reminder Message About Patient Safety

Patient Safety ALWAYS Comes First

Earlier this week, we learned of the first documented case of patient-to-patient transmission of Hepatitis C in a dental setting in the United States. The report (Tulsa World) was in connection with the case of the Oklahoma oral surgeon who exposed thousands of patients to HIV and Hepatitis C through the use of unsanitary equipment. We know these stories can be unsettling and can make us all think twice about patient safety before we or a loved one has a dental procedure.

At McGann Facial Design, we wanted to take this unfortunate update to remind all of our patients – past, current, and future – that we never compromise on the issue of safety.  We follow all Occupational Safety and Health Administration …

Clean Teeth = Good Health

Teeth Care = Health Care

Okay. So all of us have been told that regular visits to the dentist are good for us and good for our health. Here are a few reasons why having your teeth cleaned regularly is a good idea.

1. To Help Prevent Bad Breath:

Persistent bad breath, or halitosis, has several causes such as poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease, unclean dentures, oral cancers, or throat infections. Good oral hygiene is essential in preventing many of these conditions and can, in turn, prevent bad breath.

2. To Prevent Gum Disease:

Gum (periodontal) disease is a bacterial infection caused by plaque – the sticky, colorless, bacteria-filled film that adheres to your teeth. As plaque builds up on your teeth, it hardens and becomes tartar, which is …

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Mouth guards are key to oral injury prevention. Especially in basketball and baseball.

Even though the summer heat is still very much upon us, fall is right around the corner; and for many, this means football—lots of it! In a recent Chargers’ pre-season game against the Bears, one of the Chargers’ players, Johnny Patrick, was required to leave the game for a jaw injury. While the injury was ultimately reported as minor, this got us thinking about oral health and sports.

Would you be surprised to know that more oral injuries occur in sports like baseball and basketball when compared to ice hockey and football? In fact, according to an article in the Journal of Pediatric Dentistry, oral injuries were reported to be three times more common in basketball …

A Patient Story: You Can’t Handle The Tooth!

Michael Gold has historically never been a fan of dental care. In fact, it took him years to find a general dentist in San Diego that he fully trusts. So when his trusted dentist told him that he needed a dental extraction of one of his teeth after a crown had broken, he naturally felt a degree of anxiety. However, trusting his dentist’s word and despite the tooth not being painful, he knew that he could not avoid the tooth being removed; so he called the oral surgeon recommended by his dentist – Dr. Grant McGann. Michael’s first impression was that McGann Facial Design was an efficient and professional practice. He was told that he could fill out the necessary registration form online before his appointment and procedure (which would …

Is It Snoring or Sleep Apnea?

About 80 million people in North America snore. Approximately 12 million Americans have sleep apnea. So what’s the difference, and why does it matter?

Snoring is not necessarily sleep apnea. caused by the vibration of the soft palate and uvula, occurring when the airway becomes obstructed during sleep. Several things can obstruct the airway and cause you to snore, including allergies drinking before bed, being overweight and having large tonsils or a deviated septum.

It’s estimated that approximately 30% to 50% of the US population snore at one time or another, some significantly. If you snore now and then, you probably have nothing to worry about. Some non-medical methods to alleviate snoring are:

Weight loss — as little as 10 pounds may be enough to make a difference. Change of …