Dental Anesthesia – Safety is Paramount

Dental Anesthesia: The Less You Worry, the Easier it Will Be


Recent news of the unfortunate death of a patient undergoing wisdom teeth extraction has put a spotlight on the safety and role of anesthesia in dental procedures. It is helpful to understand the reasons why patients need dental anesthesia. Beyond the obvious need to control and appropriately manage pain associated with procedures, many patients may prefer to have their dental treatments performed under some form of dental sedation or even general anesthesia. These patient groups generally include:

Patients with dental anxiety or dental phobia Patients that are about to undergo extensive and invasive oral surgery (e.g. removal of impacted wisdom teeth) Patients with time constraints, who want their dental treatments to be completed in as less appointments …

The Importance of Continuous Learning

Never Stop Learning!

It’s time for Spring Break! Usually, spring break is a time to take some time off from the rigors of the classroom and learning. However, at McGann Facial Design, we are always pushing ourselves to learn more about becoming the best practice we can be. Why? Our mission is to provide the best oral surgery care and experience to our current and future patients.

Beyond striving to improve our own practice, we like to share our learning experiences with others. As such, we are proud to be hosting an upcoming workshop on May 9th entitled “Growing Your Practice….It’s Easier Than You Think” directed toward dentists, orthodontists, specialists, and their staff. Topics will include: • The 5 myths of running a successful practice • The 3 skills every member of your …

First, Do No Harm ~ Patient Safety ALWAYS Comes First

First, Do No Harm ~ Patient Safety Always Comes First

Healthcare providers are taught that patient safety always comes first. This is what, in part, makes the story of the Tulsa oral surgeon who exposed thousands of patients to HIV and Hepatitis C even more disturbing. According to ABC News, patients were exposed due to poor sterilization practices. While all of the facts of this case remain to be seen, these stories can be unsettling and could make one think twice before having a procedure performed.

At McGann Facial Design, we wanted to take this unfortunate incident to remind all of our current and potential patients that we never compromise on safety.  We follow all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) laws and regulations applicable to our practice. We perform …

Telemedicine: Using Bytes to Improve Your Bite.


Telemedicine is a Rapidly Growing Segment of Healthcare in the United States. But What, Exactly, Is Telemedicine?

Did you know that telemedicine is a rapidly growing segment of healthcare in the United States? But what, exactly, is telemedicine? In a nutshell, telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services and clinical information using information technology. This includes internet, wireless, satellite, and telephone media. According to the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), there are already 200 telemedicine networks with 3,500 service sites. It has even been used to help our deployed service men and women! In fact, the Veterans Administration delivered over 300,000 remote consultations.

In order to keep this virtual approach to medicine safe, the use of telemedicine is guided by strict technical and clinical practice guidelines.  The benefits …

3D Is Not Just for Movies

3-D Is Not Just For the Movies Anymore

Over the past several years, we all have observed how 3D technology has become more and more popular with both moviemakers and viewers. However, you may not be as aware of how 3D technologies are changing the practice of oral surgery.

In fact, it is safe to say that over the past two years, 3D virtual treatment plans have revolutionized jaw surgery. Why is this the case? Traditionally, oral surgeons used models to plan treatments and surgical options. However, there can be inaccuracies when using this approach, which can ultimately lead to less than satisfactory outcomes for patients. This is where 3D virtual technology enters into the picture. Using technology known as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) 3D, oral surgeons …

The Benefits of Office-Based Surgery

With general advances in patient safety and care, it is possible now to perform more and more procedures in the office, as opposed to the hospital.

There are multiple benefits of office-based surgery:

 · Convenience – A visit to a single location is easier to navigate and there is generally more flexibility in scheduling.

· Lower Risk of Hospital Infections – Hospitals are great places, but they are filled with sick people! Lower the chance of a hospital-borne infection by staying out of one.

· Lower Costs – Without the need to pay for additional hospital staff, costs may be somewhat lower. Of course, this can only be determined after a review of details with a practice’s financial counselor.

· Fewer Side Effects – Office-based anesthesia has improved dramatically over the …