Dental Heroes: A Conversation With Dr. McGann

Dr. Grant McGann is Featured as a Dental Hero by is a leading source of dental news and education. The site features a Dental Heroes section highlighting dental providers that are making a difference in the world by giving generously of their time and talents.

Dr. McGann was featured as a Dental Hero for his volunteer efforts at Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. Fresh Start is a San Diego organization that provides medical treatments to low-income, uninsured, and underinsured infants, children, and teens with a physical deformity due to birth defect, disease, accident, or abuse. Its medical program includes reconstructive surgeries, laser clinics, speech therapy clinics, and dental clinics. Enjoy this video highlighting their work.

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Expert Tips on How to Overcome Your Oral Surgery and Dentistry Fears

An estimated 20% of Americans experience enough anxiety that they will go the dentist only when absolutely necessary.


Peter Milgrom, DDS, Director of the Dental Fears Research Clinic at the University of Washington and author of Treating Fearful Dental Patients shares tips to help you overcome your fear of the oral surgery and dental chair.

The ‘Root’ Causes

Here are the primary fears for patients that can cause them to delay or avoid seeking preventative and emergency dental care:

2/3 of patients relate their fear to a bad experience in the dentist’s or oral surgeon’s office. 1/3 of patients have various mood or anxiety disorders, substance abuse, or post-traumatic stress, victims of domestic violence, and victims of childhood abuse.


A  fear of dentists and oral surgeons …

SEVENTEEN Magazine Interviews Dr. McGann


Seventeen Magazine Spotlight on San Diego Interviews Dr. Grant McGann!

The ever-popular SEVENTEEN Magazine interviewed Dr. McGann and discussed how corrective jaw surgery can transform the quality of life in young people. Some of the questions asked and answered:

What exactly is jaw surgery? What are the benefits? Is it expensive? Is it considered plastic surgery? Am I too young for this procedure? Surgery sounds scary…is it?


You can read Dr. McGann’s interview below (click on the full screen arrows on the bottom right):

[slideshare id=15575203&doc=corrective-jaw-surgery-seventeen-121210124028-phpapp02&type=d]

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A Patient Story: Dr. McGann Gives A San Diego Thrill Seeker Back His Smile

Can the Internet Help You Find Your Smile? Patient David Sims Would Say “Yes”!

McGann Facial Design patient David Sims, born and raised in San Diego, has always been a thrill seeker. As a young teenager, he came up with the adolescent brilliant idea of surfing down slime in a drainage ditch. That stunt caused him to kiss the concrete and shatter three front teeth resulting in three root canals and three new crowns.

Fast forward to his 20′s – Dave was snowboarding at Big Bear Mountain looking for the biggest jumps. He committed to a jump, lost control in mid-air, and landed face-down on the unforgiving mountain, fracturing his nose, injuring his lip, and breaking one of his root canals.

Almost 20 years later, Dave …

A Patient Story: Beloved’s Fresh Start

A Patient Story: Beloved’s Fresh Start

Dr. McGann first met Beloved in 2010, while serving as a volunteer for Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. Fresh Start is a local San Diego organization dedicated to transforming the lives of disadvantaged infants, children, and teens suffering from physical deformities by giving them the gift of reconstructive surgery and related healthcare services.

As a nine-year old boy, Beloved suffered a devastating facial injury from a land mine blast in his native Zimbabwe. Local doctors, without access to modern reconstructive technologies, did their best to stitch together his tongue and lips, taking tissue from his abdominal wall to fashion a mouth. Despite their best efforts, the result was hard to look at, and even harder to live with. Beloved was called terrible names, including “Monster”; but when he …

19 Habits Wrecking Your Teeth ~ How Many Are You Guilty Of?


19 Habits Wrecking Your Teeth


WebMD, a leading online health authority, recently published a slideshow of the 19 habits wrecking your teeth. How many are you guilty of? But more importantly, do you know why these habits are bad for your teeth?

1. Chewing on ice 2. Playing sports with no mouth guard 3. Bedtime bottles 4. Tongue piercings 5. Grinding teeth 6. Cough drops 7. Gummy candy 8. Soda 9. Opening stuff with your teeth 10. Sports drinks 11. Fruit drinks 12. Potato chips 13. Constant snacking 14. Chewing on pencils 15. Drinking coffee 16.Smoking 17. Drinking red wine 18. Drinking white wine 19. Binge eating

How many of these habits do you need to break?

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