Veterans Day: Thank You For Your Service

From all of us at McGann Facial Design:
Thank You For Your Service!


Veterans Day, observed annually on November 11, is an important day for showing appreciation to military veterans (those who served in the United States Armed Forces) past and present. It is a time to thank those who are serving or have served and are still with us. Many people confuse Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Memorial Day is a day for remembering and honoring military personnel who died in the service of their country, particularly those who died in battle or as a result of wounds sustained in battle.

San Diego is a military town, so honoring our veterans is something that happens year-round, not just on Veterans Day. And at this time of year, we all start to think about what we’re thankful for. So on this Veterans Day, we are sending a special “Thank You” to those who protect us year-round.

Learn some interesting facts and figures behind the many contributions of America’s armed forces throughout the country’s history: