Leadership For A Safer Practice

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to share with our patients McGann Facial Design’s guidelines, principles, and actions in relation to this new environment. We will be taking additional steps to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission. While the below information does not cover all the comprehensive measures we are taking, we want our patients to know the steps we are taking leading to a safer dental practice.


Pre-visit procedures: Patients will be asked to complete a pre-appointment registration that includes a health history screening form prior to their visit. In addition, patients will be asked screening questions on the phone prior to appointments to decrease the probability of symptomatic patients visiting the practice.

Day of visit: Many of the health-related screening questions will be repeated on the visit day as well as evaluating body temperature. If a patient’s response warrants, additional questions may be asked by Dr. McGann or staff before proceeding to a consultation and/or procedure. If patients present to our practice with fever and/or symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection, they will be rescheduled and referred for appropriate treatment and testing.


Patient Issues

Personal Protective Equipment & Procedures (PPE): Our staff will take appropriate measures and adhere to recommended use of PPE, including the use of strict hand hygiene. This will also include our front staff wearing masks. In short, all team members involved in direct patient care will follow CDC guidelines for protective gear.

COVID-19 Molecular Screening: Our office has employed the use of a molecular (PCR) based evaluation to detect the presence or absence of the virus causing COVID-19. For any patient that requires a procedure involving aerosols (e.g., use of a drill), you will be asked to obtain a COVID-19 test. This test is aimed at decreasing the risk of asymptomatic, silent transmission. This process involves a swab and results are obtained prior to any procedure. Staff will be tested regularly as well.

Extended Follow Up: In addition to our standard follow up, we will be reaching out to our post-operative patients to ensure both their well-being and determine if they subsequently were exposed or were known to contract COVID-19 following their visit.


Safe, High-Quality Care

Facility Issues & Resources: Our commitment to delivering safe and high-quality care is unchanged and you may notice physical changes to our office to maintain appropriate social distance. Care areas and touchable surfaces will be disinfected regularly to maintain strict hygiene. Objects that cannot be easily disinfected, like magazines, have been removed. Finally, patients and family members will be asked to wear masks and gloves while in the facility and hand hygiene will be practiced as patients enter and exit the facility. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.