Leadership In Dentistry & Beyond…It Starts With Integrity

BuildingLeadershipLeadership = Integrity


Integrity can mean a number of things. But when it comes to running a successful dental practice, it is almost entirely about keeping your word to your patients and your colleagues.  This was part of the inspiring message delivered at the McGann Facial Design Workshop featuring Greg Clowminzer, a seasoned practice and leadership coach.

The event was well attended by leading dentists, orthodontists, and dental specialists from around San Diego. Not only did these dental professionals take time to gain insight from Mr. Clowminzer, many brought their staff. Greg defined the concept that continuous self-improvement and communication is everyone’s shared responsibility and that creating a culture of success does not happen by accident.

In the end, the participants left with an initial roadmap of how to become better leaders, which ultimately translates into a healthy environment where patients are the true winners.

Look for future McGann Facial Design Workshops from the Leadership in Dentistry series.

Click here to learn more about Coach Greg.


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