The Facts About pH and Your Summer Drink

  Are Your Summer Drinks Hurting Your Teeth? As we roll into summer, there is sometimes nothing better than an ice cold drink. But choosing the best drink for your smile is not always an easy task. Some of the most common frosty beverages are loaded with sugars and acids that can attack your tooth […]

We Love Straws, Don’t You?

4 Reasons Why We LOVE Straws   Summer is officially here, and summer calls for ice cold drinks! But how many of you drink with a straw?! Whether crazy or straight, long or short, colorful or plain – straws don’t suck. And outside of the 24 hours following tooth extraction, we don’t see any reason to […]

Just the Tooth: Myths and Facts About Cavities

How Much Do YOU Know about Cavities? What is Myth and What is Fact?   Let’s be honest. Nobody wants to hear the words, “You have a cavity.” However, cavities (dental caries, tooth decay) remain the most prevalent chronic disease in both children and adults. A National Health and Nutrition Exam Survey conducted by the NIH […]