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Start the School Year With a Smile

Making Sure Your Kids Are Ready for School? Make Sure Their Teeth Are Part of It!     As another summer vacation draws to a close, parents everywhere are tackling to-do lists in preparation for sending their children off to a new school year. But in the process of getting kids back-to-school ready, from buying […]

The Basics You Should Know About Mouth Sores

True Dental Health is not Limited to Your Teeth… Dental health involves the entire mouth – mouth sores and irritations are common occurrences in and around the mouth. Fortunately, they usually heal on their own. Learn more about the 4 most common mouth sores, some of their causes, treatment, and more.   Causes of Mouth […]

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Heart

Does Dental Health Affect Heart Health?   Valentines Day, a day filled with love and hearts has come and gone, but did you know that you can keep your heart healthy with better oral care? Though the link between dental health and heart health is not completely clear, experts say it’s important to take care […]

Summer Has Arrived – Tips for a Tooth Healthy Summer

Hooray for Summer! Summer is our favorite time of the year! It is great for slowing down and relaxing with friends and family, school is out, camps and outdoor activities fill the calendar, and vacations are planned. But it is not the time to take a break from good oral health habits. Here are some useful tips to […]