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April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month ~ Spread the Word

Did you know that there are about 50,000 people diagnosed oral cancer each month in the US?   Celebrities Sammy Davis Jr, Rod Stewart, Roger Ebert, Burl Ives, Eddie Van Halen, and George Harrison have all suffered from oral cancer. Former Presidents Grover Cleveland and Ulysses S. Grant also had oral cancer, as have former NFL […]

Myth or Fact? 8 Common Dental Myths Debunked.

Myth or Fact? Let’s Separate Fact From Fiction…   You hear tips about your oral health all the time – from friends, family, the media, advertisements, and more…so how do you know what to believe and what to ignore? Let’s separate fact from fiction and reveal the truth about these dental myths. Myth #1: Brushing […]

Spread the Word…April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Oral Cancer is Not as Rare as You Think… Join Us in Raising Awareness.   Do you know that approximately 48,250 Americans will be diagnosed with oral and throat cancers this year? And that of the people newly diagnosed, only about 60% will live longer than 5 years? When cancer is detected and treated early, […]

Oral Cancer: Are You At Risk?

    While many people think oral cancer is a rare cancer, mouth cancers will be newly diagnosed in about 115 new individuals each day in the United States alone, and 1 person dies from oral cancer every hour of every day. Early detection and screening is key – we want you to know some […]

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! What better time to talk about Men’s Oral Health?   According to studies and surveys from the American Dental Association, men are less likely to partake in preventative dental care than women and are more likely than women to develop gum disease. Gum disease has been linked to cardiovascular disease, which puts […]