Covid-19 & McGann Facial Design: Open & Safe

A Practical Approach To Dental Emergencies
Although many general dentists are closed during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, McGann Facial Design remains open to treat dental pain and infections. As a board-certified oral surgeon, Dr. McGann is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of these acute conditions. While there is never an ideal time for a dental emergency, ready access to safe and expert care in the current Covid-19 pandemic can be particularly challenging.

Safe Environment
We would like to stress that at our practice, patient and staff safety has, and always will, come first. If surgery is necessary, you can feel assured. Our strict ongoing and routine infection control methods minimize the risk of any disease transmission. This stems from all of our trained staff following established protocols both inside and outside of the operating room — proper gowning; hand washing; n95 masks, surface disinfection, temperature monitoring, etc. Beyond careful control of our working environment, Dr. McGann and staff are extensively trained and certified on the latest anesthetic and emergency medical protocols.

Open & Available 
If you are unsure whether your dental issue is urgent or simply need dental advice, please contact us with any questions or concerns. Our goal in being here for people is to prevent unnecessary visits to an emergency room, urgent care or hospital. In short, we remain available to help and serve as an expert resource for our community in these difficult times.

Dental Implants

We understand the loss of permanent teeth can dramatically decrease the quality of your personal and professional life. Our planning and approach to dental implants is unparalleled.

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Wisdom Teeth

While the average adult has 32 teeth, our mouths comfortably fit only 28. The removal of these “extra” wisdom teeth is our most common procedure and we are experts in extraction.

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Corrective Jaw Surgery

Our face helps shape our identity, confidence, and ultimately our lifestyle–how we choose to FACE the world. Facial design is one of our passions.

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Concerns & Questions

We appreciate that as a patient coming to see an oral surgeon, you or your loved ones may have a questions or concerns and we want your visit to go smoothly. The video resource to the right covers the topics below and is designed to help answer and address common topics. If you still have a question, don’t hesitate and give us a call.

Registration – After making an appointment, fill out the registration form prior to your visit.

Consultation — Your visit to our state of the art office will include a consultation with Dr. McGann, and may include x-rays or other imaging.

Pre-Operative Planning – From operation time to insurance coverage, we will make sure you have all the information you and your loved ones need to make the best care decisions.

Surgical Safety – Our surgical team members are certified experts in dental anesthesia and our procedure rooms and patient safety is our highest priority.


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