Is Jaw Surgery Covered By Insurance?

best dental insurance Is Jaw Surgery Covered By Insurance?

Is Jaw Surgery Cosmetic Surgery?
And Does My Insurance Cover That?


Unfortunately, many people are under the misconception that corrective jaw surgery is seen as a cosmetic procedure. However, many health insurance policies cover orthognathic (corrective jaw) surgery, and getting insurance coverage for jaw surgery is easier than many people might think. At McGann Facial Design, San Diego oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Grant McGann works very hard to make sure that his patients’ insurance policies cover their jaw surgery costs. Most health insurance policies, surch as those offered by Aetna, Anthem, or other providers, tend to have reasonable guidelines for jaw surgery coverage.

Enrique Cardenas, insurance specialist for Dr. McGann, works with patients to get their surgeries paid for. Enrique and the rest of the staff at McGann Facial Design work hard to familiarize themselves with the coverage requirements for each insurance company, and can even advise patients who have not yet gotten insurance, or are thinking about changing policies, about which companies and plans will provide the best jaw surgery medical coverage.

Many people question whether or not jaw surgery is cosmetic, but just because a procedure makes someone look better does not make it unnecessary or elective. Having an underbite, overbite, or facial asymmetry

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not only makes someone feel self-conscious about their appearance, it can cause physical pain, an inability to eat, or even more serious conditions such as sleep apnea. Medical insurance companies recognize this, and it is in their best interest to provide treatment for jaw surgery patients before their problems develop into more expensive medical and dental problems later on in life.

“It’s really much more realistic to think of jaw surgery as a medically necessary procedure than a cosmetic one,” says Enrique. “At least, that’s how insurance companies tend to see it, and that’s how we see it, too.”

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  1. Sharon Scotti 10/22/2013, 12:59 pm Reply

    My daughter may need jaw surgery. What kind of insurances cover this procedure? We are told that insurance will not cover this.

    • mcgannfacialdesign 10/23/2013, 3:42 pm Reply

      Hi Sharon,
      Thanks for contacting us! We always love the opportunity to talk jaw surgery ;) Your question can be difficult to answer simply, only because unfortunately there are a lot of variables that go into insurance authorizing jaw surgery. I can confidently say we’ve had at least 90% of our procedures covered by insurance as medically necessary. We take most PPO’s and a few HMOs and have had equal good luck with coverage from all the main companies like Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, Health Net, UnitedHealthcare, etc. The best course of action is usually to check to make sure you can see us without needing a referral and then having a consultation with Dr. McGann. Once we have chart notes on the symptoms and diagnosis and required treatment to fix them, we then take full records (ct scan, pictures, models, facial measurements, etc.) then send that off for a pre-authorization; that way we know where we stand with your particular plan. We know the guidelines insurance looks for and make sure we always include the needed documentation and proof that this in fact is medically necessary for functionality. We look forward to having the opportunity to meet you both and help your daughter achieve her goals. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions we failed to answer in this e-mail. Hope to talk to you soon!