A Patient Story: Dr. McGann Gives A San Diego Thrill Seeker Back His Smile

Can the Internet Help You Find Your Smile?
Patient David Sims Would Say “Yes”!

McGann Facial Design patient David Sims, born and raised in San Diego, has always been a thrill seeker. As a young teenager, he came up with the adolescent brilliant idea of surfing down slime in a drainage ditch. That stunt caused him to kiss the concrete and shatter three front teeth resulting in three root canals and three new crowns.

Fast forward to his 20′s – Dave was snowboarding at Big Bear Mountain looking for the biggest jumps. He committed to a jump, lost control in mid-air, and landed face-down on the unforgiving mountain, fracturing his nose, injuring his lip, and breaking one of his root canals.

Almost 20 years later, Dave was offered the opportunity of managing resort activities in Bali. Unfortunately, one week into his new life in Bali, Dave experienced pain from a tooth infection in one of his front teeth from his earlier snowboarding injury.  His local dental treatment in Bali was a fix – but only for the moment.

2 years later, Dave was back in San Diego. And he desperately needed an oral surgeon to help him fix his smile…permanently.

Read how San Diego thrill seeker David Sims found Dr. McGann (and his smile) after numerous accidents to his teeth while living life to the edge: McGann Facial Design Patient Stories

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